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WPF Custom Apparel


 This past off-season, WPF teamed up with Lacrosse Republic to be the provider of our official WPF apparel.  We have setup an online store where you can view all of our custom gear, Click Here.  Items include: Heavyweight sweatshirt, T-shirts (long & short sleeve), performance shorts, performance polo shirt, under armour (like) dry-fit shirt, beanie hat.


In order to keep costs down, all orders will be processed in batches, and we will “close” the virtual store and process all orders to-date.  The 1st schedule “closing” is March 10th and delivery will be about 3 weeks later or the 1st week of April.  The store will open the following day, March 11th in this case and we’ll go another 2 weeks to collect orders and repeat the “closings”. 


Portions of every sale will go into a fund that we’ve setup for WPF to donate back to the program… Win : Win!  So breakout the credit cards, buy some gear and support your boys!


West Philly’s Finest Store: