Know Your Enemy - Virginia

Know Your Enemy - Virginia

Our very own Carl got all fired up and went behind enemy lines to get the info on Virginia. Here is what you need to know:

The boys kick the season off the way we always do against a highly ranked University of Virginia Team.  This game is a little different this year being that UVA has already played a game and notched a win against 7th ranked Loyola.  This is good and bad.  Good in the sense that we can use that game to analyze what we can expect.  Bad in the sense that they are coming off a big win against a top 10 ranked team.  We knew before that game that UVA lost their top defenseman Tanner Scales (great lax name) to a season ending injury.  They went into that game with their entire close defense making their collegiate debuts. 

A few things to know about every Virginia team in the history of Virginia teams.  They shoot the ball a lot.  They shot 43 times against Loyola.  This is on the low side for the average number of times they generally shoot.  That number generally hovers around 55 times a game.  They shoot very wellUVA’s offense is very capable of picking spots when they shoot.  They will redodge.  If an opportunity isn’t there look for their guys to patiently pull the ball out a bit and go again.  Last and probably most important is they will go on goal scoring runsUVA tends to have huge momentum swings in which they will score 3 to 6 goals in a very short amount of time.  Watching the Loyola game highlights showed me all of these generalizations about UVA are true.


               As said before every single guy on their close defense is new to the college game.  Loyola scored 12 against them.  This doesn’t really tell us much.  Sophomore goalie Matt Barrett #9 saved the ball 9 times.  He’s got a .465 save percentage in his career.  That’s not awesome.  Also the ball popped out of his stick a few times against Loyola.  At least one of those times resulted in a goal.  Cole should be looking for rebounds all day!


               Greg Coholan #1 led the way scoring four goals, followed by Zed Williams #36 (great lax name) who netted 3 and had 2 assists, rounded out by Ryan Tucker #3 who had a goal.  This is where the majority of their scoring and offense came from.  There will be lots of top dodging all day.  They went 9 for 28 against Loyola on faceoffs.  Look for Saputo to steal their lunch money.


               Attack is led by Senior Owen Van Arsdale #14 (great lax name) and rounded out by Freshman Matt Emery #4, and Joe French #43.  Each of those guys had a goal against Loyola.  Look for Van Arsdale (great lax name) to be feeder.  He had 27 assists last year.


               They’re very young on defense.  Anyone on their offense can score.  Overall this is a very beatable team with an average goalie and not very impressive faceoff stats.  The keys to the game are going to be limiting goal runs and possession.  Both of these go hand in hand.  Saying possession will be key is cliché but I truly believe that in this game it’s of utmost importance.  I cannot wait for Saturday!  Dragon Lacrosse fans, we’re back!  Last year we introduced ourselves, this year let’s tell them we’re here to stay. 

In the words of Mike Avato, “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”