2015 Drexel Offensive Preview

2015 Drexel Offensive Preview

The Drexel offense embarks on the 2015 season knowing that they have to replace their top 2 scores and their offensive coordinator.  Gone are Ben McIntosh and Nick Trizano and the amazing 120 points they amassed together last season.  Throw in the 5th leading scorer from last season in Jared Boudreau and this unit will need to replace 152 points.  That said, this unit has top end talent coming back and the two scrimmages have shown that there seems to be plenty of depth and options for new coordinator Steven Boyle to work with.  Coming off such a stellar 2014 season, let’s take a look at what this unit will look like in 2015.

The Attack

The known here is Cole Shafer, the sophomore is coming off a freshman campaign where he notched 52 points and through two scrimmages he has shown an overall knack for putting the ball in the back of the net in a variety of different ways.  It would be hard pressed to imagine that Cole does not fill the stat sheet for most games this season.  The other two positions are not as locked in as the right spot and there is a very good chance that we see a platoon approach at both the X and left spot.  At X we’ll have junior Chris Fredrick and freshman Jacob O’Donnell fighting for time.  With Jacob we will see the 1st of 2 California freshmen who will receive minutes from the jump this season.  On the left wing Frankie Fusco will look to see if he can resurrect the magic he had during his freshman season while big sophomore Robert Freeze will try and make that spot his own.  There is a very good chance that these 4 all receive plenty of minutes all season, which guarantees depth if nothing else.

The Midfield

Like the attack with Cole, Ryan Belka and Jules Raucci come back to form the known at the midfield.  Captain Ryan Belka comes into his senior season having been a major contributor on this offense his entire career; he will be the clear leader for this unit this season.  Jules brings back his ankle braking split and with Belka will create a great 1-2 punch and will force the D to consider bringing 2 poles up top to defend.  After the top 2 there is a whole bunch of choices for minutes.  During the scrimmages we the other Cali freshmen Michael Kay as well as sophomore Joe Rainoldi play on that first line.  Similar to what is expected on attack, we could see these two platoon time on the first line.  For the remaining minutes we should see senior Mitch de Snoo back with his lefty cannon as well as juniors Hank Brown, Mason Pynn and Jordan Cunningham, all of which have the ability to play both ways and on the wings.  Rounding out some real quality depth on this unit will be senior TJ Foley and sophomores Jake Gonzales and Nick Valentino.

The Coach

Steven Boyle comes to the Dragons from a Brown team that averaged 10 goals per game last season.  Like Coach Ford before him, he had a tremendous career at Johns Hopkins and early word is that there are enough similarities in the coaching to where the players have flat out hit the ground running with their new leader.  There is no doubt that Steven will look to make his own mark with this unit and there will be wrinkles unique to his idea of offense that we have not seen here for the last 5 seasons.

No lets go score some goals!!!